Cookie Information

A "Cookie" is a generic term that refers to a text file stored in a dedicated space on the hard drive of the Terminal (e.g. computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) of a media user (internet, applications, etc.), when viewing content or online advertising. This Cookie file allows its issuer to identify the terminal in which it is registered and thus to track the activity of the media user, and to remember information, such as user preferences or information previously entered by the user in the forms on the media, during the period of validity or registration of the Cookie. Some Cookies are essential for the use of the media, others make it possible to optimize and personalize the content displayed, and others finally, to display advertisements.

Cookies do not directly identify a user, but identify a browser or terminal. Information relating to the content consulted on a media is directly associated with an identifier contained in the Cookie. When a user browses on a media, this identifier is associated with the pages viewed, as well as more broadly with the path on the media and interactions (number of clicks for example): it is thus possible to follow the navigation of the same user on the media.

The use of Cookies makes it possible to associate browsing data with the user's profile regardless of the terminal used through cookie exchange technologies implemented by the partners publishers of these Cookies, generally communication agencies or digital advertising service providers, so that a user's journey can be followed regardless of the media or terminal used.

Technical cookies to make possible your navigation on the site, ensure the security of the site, secure it against fraud and allow you to access to the various products and services of the site.
Online payment security cookies to prevent fraud to payment.
Audience measurement cookies that allow us to carry out attendance statistics, compare them with those of other sites and decide actions (such as sending you an email).
Advertising cookies and social networks allowing us and third parties, to display advertisements on this Site and others (including social networks) adapted to your profile established by combining data between your browsing habits and data from Scentopia and third-party customer databases.
Personalization cookies that allow us to recommend to you products, services and content that best suit you and you offer certain promotional offers.